Industrial Electrical Installations

Ensure uninterrupted business operations with Garrett Electrical Services. We minimise disruption and work to tight deadlines, providing a range of industrial electrical installations tailored to your needs. Our quality, reliable services are backed by NIC approval, DBS checks, and complete qualifications. Choose from annual contracts or call outs for regular maintenance or one-time assistance. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Industrial electrical contractor in Oxfordshire

Seamless Industrial Electrical Services for Uninterrupted Business Operations

We understand the maintaining business output can be difficult, especially when your machines and premises require downtime for maintenance. Here at Garrett Electrical Services, not only do we work with you to tight deadlines, we also ensure minimal disruption so that your business can carry on as normal as possible.

We provide a spectrum of industrial electrical installations so we can help you, whatever you need. Our ethos is to provide quality, reliable services that you are completely satisfied with – and because we are NIC approved, DBS checked and completely qualified you can be assured that our standards are high, and our quality of work even higher.

At Garrett Electrical Services, we have opportunities for both annual contracts and call outs, so whether you need regular maintenance or just the one off, we are here to help.

New Electrical Installations & Full Rewires

Our new electrical installation services are perfect for you if you need a brand-new electrical system. Our new electrical systems consist of new components, wires, electrical plugs and sockets so you can be assured that everything is brand new and under warranty. If the issue lays in an existing electrical system, we can provide a complete rewiring service. We safely remove old or faulty wires and replace them with fully functioning new components. With us you are in safe hands.

Refurbishment - New machine installations

At Garrett Electrical Services, we know how important it is to work with our clients, and so we can alter our services depending on what you need. Our team can install completely new items whilst ensuring that your facility is spic and span when we leave, we deliver our services with a clean and tidy attitude with minimum disruption.

Lighting and design including industrial lighting systems

Our lighting and design services combine both appearance and performance, meaning that when we install new lighting at your facility, we take careful consideration as to how the lighting looks, and how much light is provided. This service is perfectly tailored to what you need, together we will discuss with you what the best lighting design for you is for your space and budget.

Energy Efficient Installations

As the world becomes more environmentally friendly, the installation of energy efficient equipment is the best way to ensure that you are doing your part to save the planet. Not only this, but energy efficient installations are also a fantastic way to cut your bills and allow you to make the most out of your energy whilst reducing the carbon footprint of your facility.

Rewiring & Repairs/Alterations

Being able to rely on your electrical installation operating safely and efficiently is crucial for any business. Here at Garrett Electrical Services, we provide a repair and alterations/upgrade service, which means that we can adapt your existing wiring or items if they don’t meet the standards that are required to meet the latest safety standards.

Fire Alarms & Emergency lighting – (including annual testing)

Emergency lighting, like escape route lighting or illuminated fire exit doors, is crucial in industrial settings, in the case of a fire or power cut – emergency lighting can save lives. We also offer a variety of services regarding fire and smoke alarms, whether the issue is a faulty alarm, or a complete lack of one, we’re able to help. We also carry out annual testing for fire and smoke alarms and emergency lighting to ensure they are in working order; it is important that as an employer you take every possible step to ensure the safety of your employees and yourself.

Security Systems

The best chance your facility has of preventing crime is through the installation of security systems. Security systems like alarms, lighting and CCTV allow for a safer environment for you and your employees. In some instances, the installation of security systems is enough to deter a criminal, but in the unfortunate occurrence of a crime, security system installations can provide important evidence such as video recordings of the crime itself.

Security systems allow for a safer environment within your facility, which means that you can protect valuable items even when you are not on your premises. Criminals can be discouraged from committing a crime if there are visible security systems.

Access Control / Door Entry Systems

You can achieve a higher level of safety in your facility with the implementation of access control and door systems. By installing access control and door entry systems on your premises, you get to decide who has access to your facility therefore reducing the risk of a crime and ensuring accountability for staff on site. A major benefit of having access control and door entry systems is that it is a keyless process, there is a far smaller risk of the wrong person being permitted access to your premises. There are different variations of access control and door entry systems but don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you want: Garrett Electrical Services are here to help you chose the best possible system for your needs.

PAT Testing

PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing) is essential for all business who have electrical appliances and equipment their staff and customers use. We work accurately and efficiently to carry out a visual inspection of the equipment, cables and plugs to ensure that they are in good condition, verification of grounding continuity and testing the soundness of insulation between current carrying parts. We understand it’s a must for our customers, so we offer a fast service and can take care of sending you the annual reminder for us to come out and make sure you are compliant.

NICEIC Electrical Testing and Inspections

Fixed Wire Test & Inspection is the testing of an electrical installation to ensure its safety and compliance. Once completed, you will receive an up to date NICEIC Electrical Installation Condition Report, referred to commonly as an EICR electronically.

Keeping track of when fixed wire testing is due is essential, along with later remedial works. This helps you to ensure fixed wire testing is complete on time. It will also make sure you are covered by your building insurance. We are able to send reminders prior to your due date to take the stress away from you.

Fixed Wire Testing is due on a regular basis, as electrical installations deteriorate. Deterioration can occur due to general wear and tear, corrosion, excessive electrical loading as well as other unavoidable influences.  Which is why testing is so important to ensure the safety of your employees and yourself.

We will liaise with the site contact and ensure that any disruption to your business is minimal We also bring dangerous items to the attention of the on-site contact immediately.

We offer a thorough fixed wire test and inspection by injecting test voltages, showing the correct functionality of cables and connections, testing for wear and tear, as well as visual damage. Our electricians are experts in spotting hazards within your system. Areas of testing include the main incoming supply point, sockets, light fittings and other wiring accessories.

The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) is an institution that reviews the training and practises of electrical businesses in the UK. We are a NIC approved contractor; this means we have an annual inspection to ensure we meet their requirements. This allows us to sign off our own work and provide the relevant certificates and notify building control. Working with a NICEIC approved contractor means that you can have faith in our expertise and know we work in compliance with building regulations.